11 facts/questions tag ♥

Hello Princesses♥
Thank you Pinki♪ for tagging me! 
This is my first tag so I wanna do good at it.

-Post 11 random facts about yourself
-Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
-Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
-Inform them that you have tagged them
-NO TAGS BACK! <--I shall break this rule!

My 11 Facts

 1. I am obsessed with music. Everywhere I go I just have to listen to it, it seems like 
I can't live without it.

2. I forget everything xD You can tell me things over and over again 
and sometimes it won't stay in my head.

3. I'm obsessed with cute things especially Panda Bears and Cats / rabbits / wolves / dragons *Q*♥

4. I love sleep.

5. This is my lucky number.

6.I never sleep longer than 6 hours a day  

8. My best friend and me are writing lyrics for our band everywhere and everytime
we just need a pencil and something to write on.

9. I'm afraid of flying but I want to go to Japan/Tokyo no matter what!

10. I really like dark flowers.

11. I'm really shy.

Pinki's Questions♥
1. Do you have a special talent? If so, what is it & how did you discover it?
I can make everyone smile no matter how bad they feel (:
2. Can you cook? If so, what's the most delicious dish you can make? Show a picture if you have one.
Yes I'm not bad at cooking but most of the time it doesn't look that delicious

3. What is your worst fear?
I'm afraid of loosing someone I love♥

4. If you can be a character in any story, who would it be(and what story) and why?
I'd like to be Misa from Death Note.  I'd love to have someone like Rem by my side♥

5. What is something about you that most people around you don't know about?
I got bullied by some people in my old school and I don't have the confidence other people have.
Most of the people around me would be laughing if I tell them that fact,but
I'm not a strong girl, it's all just like..put on your make up and get ready for the show.

6. Is there anything you'd like to change about yourself (physically or mentally)? If there is, what would it be?
I wanna loose weight and get a straight nose 

7. What is the most memorable dream (good or bad) that you've had in your sleep?
I always dream what happens the next days.

8. Is there a dish you've never had before and that you'd like to try? If there is, what is it? If not, what's your favorite dish?
My favourite dish is..Strawberrie Daifuku♥ 
I really really want to do them by myself!

9. What's something people do that gets on your nerves?
If they promise something and then 'forget' it and break the promise.

10. What is the biggest lesson you learned in your life?
Love is pain, pain changes everyone, change is a truly beautiful thing and you get what you want
if you change everything the way you want.♥

11. What is something your loved one(family or lover) can do that can make you really happy?
just hug me ♥

My Questions

1. Which Style do you have,and why have you picked it?
2. What are your biggest inspirations in life?
3. Which things can't you resist?
4.Your favourite color? And why?
5. What's your favourite flower? Does it have a meaning for you?
6.Why are you blogging? :D
7. What would you change around the world if you could?
8.Would you rather be superman or batman/catwoman?
9.What's your favourite Anime/Manga Charakter ~if noone,your favourite movie charakter
And why?
10. Your lucky number?
11.The most funny thing ever happened to you?

I Tag...........
2. Hinabi♥ 
3. Ari
7. Kiko♥
9. Kira♥
10. Chanda♥
just 1 day left till Saturday♥*-*

that's it for today xoxo Misa ;*


  1. Yay ^^ I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself as people who was tagged ^^ I'm gonna do it asap :)))
    And I like your answers, I can't believe that someone bulied you ... you seem like very nice person!! Some ppl can be so cruel :///
    I'm really afraid of flying to ... I can't imaginate that I'm in plane, I'd probably died if I'd be in plane ... O_o
    And you don't need lose weight! You're skinny ^^ and your nose is cute.
    And I'm really sorry for my english ^^"

  2. I'm enjoying reading ur answers!
    btw~ u've got one new follower! +1

  3. Awesome! And I think having a baby face is a very good thing! You look younger than you are, then when you're in the 50's you will look like you're in your 30's haha.

  4. Kira:
    I'm lookin' forward to read your answers :3
    most of those people just wanted to be 'so cool and special' I don't think they know how it hurts. yeah to fly is just so...AARRGHH >< you look outside the window and just think 'oh gosh please let me get outta here' o___o
    your english is good :3

    thank you for following *-*
    I'll follow you back♥

    ♪ Pinkii ♪:
    I haven't thought about that ='DD
    well maybe I'll be a really fresh and rocky grandma haha

  5. aww wie süß du nur bist :*
    *knuddel* ich hab dich lieb du hübsches, verrücktes ding <3

  6. sagt die richtige hier ;*♥
    *anflausch* ich dich auch du wundertolles,süßes etwas♥