Merry Christmas !♡

Hello sweethearts,

Finally it's christmas time. Since working the last weeks was really hard I'm glad I found time to blog again.
I hope you'll all have a great christmas and get a lot of presents and love ♡~
And have really yummy & delicious food!

After work my mum called and told me that some packages arrived.
I bought Circle Lenses at Uniqso and they arrived pretty soon.
Maybe I'll try them tomorrow with some make up on.

 I also got my Datura fluffy poncho *-*
So in love with it!
And a sweet dress and skirt ^-^

Wearing the Poncho. Face doesn't look that good so there's a heart instead of it. C: it's so fluffy on the inside and perfect for cold / colder days because it keeps you so warm.

Practiced my make up the last days a bit.
Should try to do something with my hair it looks so boring 😂😅

Wearing the princess Mimi Starmish Brown lenses bought at maplelens

Wish you all great holidays♡
Enjoy the last days of this year and don't forget to smile ♡


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