Presents and Inspirations ~

Hello sweeties,

I'm really bad at writing titles. I know ^^'.
But as this year's getting to it's end I thought about a lot of things.
Since I had this 3 year break 'of gyaru' especially getting dressed and do my make up more gyaru-ish  I forgot that gorgeous feeling you have getting your make up done and dress up. The confidence it all gave you. And then I found some old pics of Sakurina and I searched for some more because she was the reason I really started with that style 5 years ago. When I'm reading this I feel like a little child talking about dreams who wants to look like her idol ^-^ But for me she's just a really big inspiration especially when it comes to make up. I like the way she plays with the heavier rokku make up but also the lighter one she wears nowadays.

Some pictures of her c:
And since I got my inspirstion back all I have to do now is practice, practice & practice.

So I thought about things I want to change next year and made a little list.
Hopefully I'll change those things for real 'cause you all know how it is with that new year wishes and changes ^-^''

And then there was Christmas.
Got so many cute things from friends and family.

Got that fluffy cute dog and minion bob with his teddy bear *-* and some more but I'm not that kind of girl that takes pictures of everything.
I also met Daiki. She's a really good old friend.
We had so much fun talking about everything.
Since we talked about D'espairs Ray before ,she knew how much I adored them, so she gave me a live dvd for christmas. I've been so happy !
She also wrote a song for me and I hope she'll find a good sound for it 'cause I'm really looking forward hearing it!

 Daiki and myself. The light wasn't the best. Sorry for that.

And well, I kinda liked my eye make up that day.
Wearing the iFairy dolly+ grey

Wish you all a great week ♡
Xoxo Misa