Happy new year ☆

Hello sweethearts,

I know it's a bit late but
Happy new year ♡

I hadn't time for blogging a while. There's just so much to learn for my job and school. But at least I had some time to practice my make up.

But first, how has your new years eve been?
Mine was really relaxing and my friend and I had a lot of fun. We styled us like little devils and the horns were blinking, so we sat down outside in the dark and turned them on while watching the firework xD

On my free day I visited my friend Daiki.
We went to a Café and talked so much.
Had been a real great day.
Hope to see her soon again. (^-^)/

A day after that a package arrived (got my cute bag I bought on gyaru sales fb page) and on the way home daddy got us some mochi *-*
They were so yummy *3*
And these days I got some dresses I also bought on gyaru sales. The girls were really nice and everything went well, shipping was also fast. I can really recommend looking there if you're searching for gyaru clothes c:

The rienda dress on the right is really comfortable.

Also practiced my make up a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to do my hair better. But it's all about practice isn't it?

Wish you a great evening.
Have some great days♡

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